Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fire Warnings

We have had fire fighting planes and helicopters flying over the town all yesterday, Friday. There is a  massive big fire just East of the town, close to some houses.   There was notices and warning throughout the day telling people what was happening, people coming into Vinnies saying they were leaving there houses because though the fire wasn't near them yet they were surrounded by trees.  I was telling them to make sure they had a bag packed and to be ready to go...The fire was under control and the warnings downgraded.  All was well. 

Seems I should have took my own advice.  I had a call at 4.30 this morning from a friend around the corner, she had taken her horse out of town...I got up and got dressed, cause you know, it's 4.30, why not.  Had 5 calls/messages since then.  Our town is in danger, lots.  The wind is blowing the fire West and though we are not in town it's heading this way.  Lots of buildings between the town and us though so if it gets here it means the town is gone...Have called the daughter and she is coming out here as the main road to the town has been shut down.  Her and her 3 dogs and 2 ferrets will be here soon.  I have put a few things into a bag but have no idea what I am supposed to pack *just in case*

I've had the sprinklers on all night so the paddocks are wet but suppose I better have a coffee and get ready to leave, just in case we too have to get out quick.

After this I will make sure that there is a BOB ready to go, like there should be, like I have been going to do for years.

Stay safe people. 

It's now 5.30AM.  I was just outside having a look, seeing if I should be doing anything...What though?  No idea.  Sprinklers are on, hoses are connected...The road out the front is like a highway, cars heading in both directions and I was thinking that people in our area were getting out, maybe they knew something I didn't...Then it hit me, it looked like a highway as that is what it was being used as.  The main highway being shut all the traffic was diverted down our road.  

Daughter isn't here yet, I still haven't packed anything else in my bag.  What is someone supposed to pack?  I have wallet, water, food for the day, normal stuff that is usually in there...

And you know, having time to sit and wonder what I would pack...there isn't a lot I would.  Which goes to show that the decluttering can star in earnest next week!

The house is now full of dogs!  Two big ones a little one...Gotta go again.  It is so windy...

Ten past six and we can hear the choppers.  The water bombing will start now so hopefully they'll get on top of it.   The town evacuation centre has been evacuated!  

We're fine out here, it's smoky but pretty sure we're safe.  I really feel for the people in town though, houses have been burned, people have had to leave, it would be scarey and so worrying...

Half past 7 and the fire is still going.  Sirens are blaring, planes are flying...We're safe out here and missing all the action but I am thankful for that.  Others are not so lucky.
Have just had another phone-call from someone calling to see if I am alright.  People are so caring in situations like this and if we did have to go we now have a choice of 3 places.  It's good to know that people care.

4.30PM.  The town has been on alert all day, planes, helicopters.  There have been spot fires throughout the area.  The town is now in the process of being evacuated.  Everyone that didn't need to leave yesterday are having to leave now.  Chances are too high that the fire will take off again tonight.  We *should* be OK.  If it starts coming down the hill and across the paddocks I will seriously think of leaving but there is a highway and BIG BIG shed to get through before it reaches us.  Sprinklers will be on all night again.  I have a friend in town who wont leave but she has been told to come out if she needs to no matter what the time.  I need to go and get some beds organised.  This tiny house wont know what has hit it.   All up tonight there could be 9 dogs taking it in turns to be let out to toilet.  By the time the town is safe and people can go home I will be well over wanting a dog of my own!

It's been a scary day for Waroona, I haven't seen the half of it being safe out here but have been keeping up with it all with social media.  I also slept a couple of hours away.   Not enough can be said about all the firies, police and other helpers.   They do such an amazing job.
If you are one or know one, give yourself a big pat on the back.

It's Sunday morning, 9AM,the wind didn't pick up overnight like everyone feared and the town is now on a watch and act alert but it looks like the fires are well and truly under control.  Some are still burning but they are not moving and are under watch.  Daughter and dogs have gone back to the house in town and I daresay most people will go home today though there are still some parts of the top end of town closed to residents.   There is a helicopter flying over the area, I don't know if it is a spotter *plane*, water bomber or news crew.  It's a lot cooler today so that should help with keeping it down but the wind is starting to pick up.  We are due for some more hot days during the next week but hopefully it will be well and truly dead by then.

So some excitement for our little town, not the sort we want but apart from a few looters the town and surrounding areas came together to help each other.  That's good to see.

10AM, it's raining.  Not a lot and not very heavy but still, it's gotta help.


  1. That's scary! Pack clothes, pictures, important papers, flashlight/torch, sentimental things, water, medicines. I would put all this in my car now. You can think now, have electricity, have time. Stay safe. Take the chickens.

  2. here's hoping all is OK where you are. We went through the same thing 2 years ago when we were evacuated to the beach with everyone else from the town. Stay safe.

  3. Thinking of you Barb and hope things are still okay at your place. It's good how folk help each other, isn't it? Will try and keep an eye on the news, now I know you live there.
    Oh, and if you have to go, take dog bowls, leads, food and a bottle of water for them at least.

  4. Hope you are going OK. Thinking of you. I can hear the sense of danger and urgency in your writing.

  5. So pleased to see this post and hear you are OK. Big relief.

    I wasn't sure how close you were to the town site, so was concerned, although I was pretty sure you were at least a little way out. I thought of emailing but then thought it might not be possible for you to check emails. I didn't even think to look here though!

    I hope those who lost property and or animals are not suffering too much and that they have family, friends and neighbors to support them as they rebuild or grieve.

    But mostly I'm just glad to hear you are OK, and want to let you know that you were in my thoughts.

  6. Gosh, thankyou everyone. It's really nice to know people care. The rain didn't amount to anything and there are still planes flying over but mostly the people from town are home.

    There area few things that I will need to get ready in case we ever get evacuated for real, important papers, photos...

    Thanks again. Oh, sorry Linda, the chickens would have been roasted! Not really, I would have opened their gate and let them make up their own mind.

    It's wonderful how tragedy brings people together, shame it can't be an all-time thing...