Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back Into It....Bedroom Mess.

I am home, had lunch, *eager* to get more stuff out of the house.

Before I left I put the baskets back under the bed but one of them is full of bits and pieces, not clothing that I wear.  And I put stuff off the bed into it to make the bed and floor clearer so I need to get that out again one day and go through it properly but today, there are more important areas to work on. 

This is was the view from my bedroom door after lunch today.   Ummm, yep, still needs work.  And  this is after I put some things into the basket that goes underneath!   So pick a spot, any spot...

 Old bills that were in a plastic bag in the basket.  Why?  They are from 5 or 6 yeas ago.
 I can't shut the top drawer where I keep underwear but I remember doing this drawer last year sometime.
 Second drawer where bathers and nighties are kept.  I wear neither.
 I found this under the bed.  I love this case.  It was packed with stuff for an overnight stay a couple of years ago, everything I might need...Hmmm, obviously I haven't been anywhere to need it.

 Bags of...Dunno, will have a look and sort them out.
 This is the corner at the end of my side of the bed.   Yellow backpack I take to work, checky bag is market stuff, red cloth is a cushion cover, other stuff is other stuff, not needed.
I shall go do 3 areas.  Now.

It's now nearly 6PM and I am starting to flag.  Actually, I have flagged.  What I need is to get finished but as I get rid of something I bring out something else...I need to concentrate on what is in front of me and finish one job before starting another.  But,

The bills are soaking in a bucket of water and will be added to the worm farm soon.  The red case has been repacked and is in the car because I do want to stay away sometimes this year and this will get rid of one excuse.  The market bag is out in the shed with the market stuff.   All rubbish is in the bin, all op-shop stuff is in the car and FreeMarket stuff is out in the van.   There is now only 1 bag on the bed that needs sorting but I need to get outside before dark and get some outside jobs done.  Hang on a bit...The bed is now clear, the not done bag is in the basket under the bed.  So glad I went through that this morning as it has allowed room for situations like this.  The side and end of my side of the bed is clear, Husbands side is clear too.   Let's call it a day.

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  1. Good jobs. I red this right after I awoke, and the bills in water startled me.