Sunday, February 8, 2015

Twentyfour For Two...Really?

Hot weather is here still with more to come so I am inside, taking it easy, not doing anything much...went to get a cup out and saw something move in the cupboard.   Bugger.  Cockroach!  Big one too.  I have actually noticed a few of these in the bathroom over the last week, unusual after not seeing any for months and thinking the resident skinks were keeping them down.  Seems he/she/they are slacking off.  

This cockroach looks like it has been in this cupboard for awhile so I now have the big job of taking everything out, cleaning the cupboards, cleaning the stuff, putting it all back.   I am not going to put it all back though.  Most of it is not regularly used, some is just being saved for...whatever, whenever...
Two people live here and in this cupboard alone there are 24 glasses and I know I have more in another cupboard.   We don't use glasses.  Maybe sometimes, once or twice a year if we have people here.  I used to use plastic cups but have since gone to using mugs or pewter or SS cups.   

One side of the cupboard emptied onto the top and floor.   So much stuff in there...

I'm thinking that most of these glasses can go.  I have been thinking this since I took them all out of the cupboard 1/2 an hour ago...There are also jars and bottles in there that I haven't used since last Summer so maybe I don't need those either...

Now 2PM...Why is it so bloody hard to get them in a box and out of the house!

It's an hour later, I have finished this 1 cupboard.  There are still too many glasses but I bought them because I like them and the set of 10 is up the back of a shelf, not in the way and this way I didn't cry.  Maybe next time I pull everything out and clean they can go...or the time after that.  I also kept a set of 5 for visitors to use but alas, there is 1 less now because I dropped it.  
The glasses that I like are at he back out of the way so they too don't get broken. 
The shelves are looking OK, they are clean and what is in there now is mostly used on a daily or weekly basis.  The cockroach is squished dead.  There are a couple of big SS bowls that go in here too but they are being used at the moment.

 Pleased that all this is going to the op-shop tomorrow.

I cannot understand why it is so hard for me to get rid of un-needed stuff.   Maybe it will get easier and so quicker as I do more.   There is still so much to do...

So how much stuff do 2 people need?  Not 24 glasses and the 14 that are still in there, too many.  Two people live here, a 7 year old stays quite often, others visit...We have 8 dinner plates, 7 b and b plate, 2 bowls that match them plus 1 other now.  ( I removed 2 others today)  I am looking for more bowls that match the smokey glass plates and this is an ongoing thing for me at op-shops and garage sales.  There are 5 kids cups that I am wanting to get rid of and will soon, 6 metal cups that I use instead of plastic or glass but I don't need this many.  Two cups and 1 saucer in here now, I use the cups as small bowls so I don't have a huge amount of icecream or custard.   We rarely use those metal pie dishes, there are 3 in there and I think I will end up putting them out with the camping stuff.  Two round casserole dishes, 2 glass bowls, 2 rectangle casserole dishes...Two big glass bowls...I use these things but maybe don't need them all.  It will do for now, at least I will be able to see if any more roaches get in there. 

I dread the time when I get to the cupboard with the coffee mugs in...

How many plates, bowls, things, do you have?


  1. I have many more than 24 glasses, and there is just me and not a whole lot of company. I did put the set of glasses in a liquor box to store, plus lots of other things in the same box. As my place becomes smaller, I get rid of stuff or store it away. So, after you washed all those dishes and the cabinets, it appears you were busy. What did you put in the cabinet to keep the roaches out?

    I, too, use things smaller than bowls to limit portions.

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  3. Me three - I've got a cupboard full of glasses which I haven't used for many years.
    Only me in the house and visitors don't use them.
    I just had another look, intending to clear them, after your post motivated me.
    But familiar thoughts, like maybe I could use them someday, start.
    I haven't given up yet though.
    I know it will feel so good to have a tidy clear cupboard !

  4. Wow! That's one resilient cockroach. It does seem to demand for you to really scour the area for other signs of that unwelcome presence. Anyway, I hope that it has already disappeared with all those decluttering you've done. All the best!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest

  5. The cupboard is still looking OK but for some reason I have put a few jars in there. Jars don't go in here...but there was lots of room so that's where they went. I read a minimalist page somewhere. They had 2 people, 2 glasses. Two plates, 2 bowls. She had 3 pairs of trousers and thought that was too many. Ha, she wouldn't want to see my after photos, there's still way too many of everything even after I have culled more than a few times in the last 6 months. Lots more to go but lots of other stuff needs doing too. Thanks for commenting guys, I appreciate it.

  6. Ha ha, this reminds me of the conversation I had last year with my single father-in-law. I pointed out to him that he had about 3x as much tupperware as my family of six used. But apparently it was all very necessary and useful for leftovers...
    I have a family of four now, and a very small kitchen. All the crockery, glasses, mugs etc live in pull out drawers. So the decision is easy. Once the cup drawer is full, no more cups/glasses/mugs. It's a one in, one out policy. Same for crockery, tupperware, baking tins etc. If they don't fit in their designated drawar, then out they go! And really, I haven't missed anything that I threw out when I moved into my small kitchen. And I can't buy anything else for the kitchen either, no space, so no spending!