Thursday, January 1, 2015

No Different.

Well it's the first day of 2015 and I must different to the last day of 2014.     It's kinda hot, the gardens need work as does the house.  The grass needs to be mowed again and the great pile of mulch out the front still needs shifting.   My house needs to be tidied up again, the bedroom is messy, I have too much stuff, too many clothes and dare I say it...yes, I'm feeling brave, I have too many books.   I'm sure that there were times last year that I promised myself to get all that under control before now but I must be happy with it all aye, otherwise I would have stuck to it.

I'm not making myself, or anyone else, any promises this year.  What happens happens.  Which really is just kinda saying that I am too darn lazy to make any changes regardless of how much better off I would be if I did.

What about you?  Have you made yourself a promise that you will break or are you stronger willed than me and can stick to doing what is best?

We're eating grapes now but of course we need to be careful picking them because the wasps like them too.   And speaking of wasps, the daughter has so far gotten rid of 30!! paper wasp nests from her place over the last few days and thinks there are more.  30, that's an insane amount.  

The chooks are cackling, it's coming from the apple tree area so that means I will have to have another search for their nest.  They have perfectly fine nests in their shed but I'm only getting a few eggs from in there so they must have another one somewhere.  It should be easy to find as the husband spend days cleaning up in the pens, got rid of all my rubbish, pulled out all the weeds and gathered up all the tree prunings.  He is a Trojan and I can't find a simple little chook nest.  HoHum...

Yesterday I dug up potatoes and sweet potatoes to have with tea and started thinking if it would be better to dig as I need and end up with dirty fingernails every time or dig enough to last the week and only get dirty fingernails once.   What would you do?   I also picked capsicum, many tomatoes...cucumbers.  I need to get out there and do it again today.   I need to make some sort of sauce with the tomatoes and pickles with the cukes but haven't yet.   There are still Oranges on 1 tree, a handful of strawberries most days.  The freezers are full with meat and fish...yet I am still choosing to eat crap.  Why do I do this to myself?  Where is good ol' Dr Phil when I need him...

As for getting the house sorted, I did start removing stuff from the house but put a lot into bags and boxes and put it in the shed.  Son always complains about not being able to get to the coolroom and not being able to use the shed.  He is right and I keep saying I will sort it out and clear it up.  He threatened to *do it for me* if I didn't show real progress by the new year.  Well the new year is here and he still can't get to the coolroom or use the shed.    It will be my own fault if I go in there one day and find that everything is in the bin.   That would male me cry, a lot.  But not enough to actually get out there and get it sorted I bet.  Stupid!

In saying all of that though I think I will make a start with something.  Husband is due home today, tomorrow, sometime soon, and I want it tidy when he gets here.   Coffee first then I will start.  Promise!


  1. Oh, you and I are twins in so many respects, from different mothers and different hemispheres. Of course, I cannot do many of the things I need to do, but I do eat crap when there is good-for-me stuff sitting within reach. You are right, that is a lot of wasp nests for one house or area. I wonder what draws so many.

    I have not had resolutions in years. But, I do have goals. At the beginning of 2014. I wrote the post but never posted it. I am going to do the same this year and not publish it.

    As I bought oranges last night, I thought, "Barb has these in her yard!" Hurry and clean up shed so son will not!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Barb. I hope it is a productive, yet relaxing year for you.

    I hope your eye has healed from the other day; did you end up checking the box again later?

  3. Oh Barb, I hear you on the food. My only solution is not to buy it. The most exciting thing to eat in my house at the moment is stewed apricots! Oh, I really want chocolate, but there isn't any, so apricots it is.Of course, it is so much easier to make the decision not to buy crap food when I am the only adult in the house..

    All the best for getting rid of stuff. I would just let son throw everything out. Then your job will be done!

  4. Hi Linda. I quite often think that too. I hope you enjoyed your Oranges and lovely to be associated with such a beaut fruit!

    The eye has healed but no, I haven't been back out there. I need to though and hoping this week will get me out there. All covered over and doing it properly this time though.

    Yes Jo, don't buy it. Hmmm, I need to get others to stop buying it and bringing it out here. Though no-one forces me to eat it, I am just a gutsalmighty! Shed is still untouched by both me and the son. That will soon change though.