Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lost Them Again.

I *lost* my glasses again tonight.  If it happens again I might have to seriously think about getting another pair.  A spare pair.  But they are too expensive to have sitting around just in case I do something stupid and lose the ones I wear all the time so I will think on it some more.  And in the meantime hope that I don't knock these ones off again.

How did they fall off this time?  I was hanging up the washing, it's dark but I had the back light on so could see what I was doing.  I walked through the washing and the glasses got caught up in a shirt and flung off somewhere.  I dropped down and started feeling around...It was half past eight and I expected the son home but didn't want to be outside too long because of mozzies and was thinking to come in and try to call him when I saw his carlights.  I waited a bit, how long does it take to get out of a car!  Minutes and more minutes, or so it seemed so I called out to him, no response so I called louder.  He comes over but so do all 4 dogs!  Last week I was worried about cows treading on them but tonight it was dogs eating them.  I call out what is wrong so he calls the dogs away and goes and gets a torch.  He finds them about 5 foot from where I was looking/feeling so glad he got home when he did 'cause I would not have been able to.  My other option was to ring the daughter and get her to help again but lucky for her I didn't need to.

This is the second time in 2 and a bit weeks. I either have to be more aware or stop doing stuff.  Or get another pair.  A spare pair.


  1. Why don't you get a little strap or chain meant to put on glasses. People use these to take their glasses off and just let the glasses hang down like a necklace. Maybe a light color so that if they manage to get off you anyway, you could see it in the dark.

    I always put my glasses in the same spots--shelf in bathroom, by table in living room, on window sill in kitchen. But, not the same thing as your problem, however, I keep losing them. It is so frustrating to have to drive and be without them for hours.

    When it is snowing out, I put my glasses securely in a coat pocket I can zip because of fear losing them in the snow AND in the dark.

    Glasses are just such a pain some days. Plus, I would fear my children would think I was senile. Good luck.

  2. What about a couple of discreet bands with retro-flective tape or some of those glow in the dark loom band elastics, wrapped around the arms? They won't give off masses of light but it might be just enough difference in the twilight or the dark to be able to spot them. If none of the grandkids have loom bands, I'd happily post you some from my daughter's collection for a trial run!

    Probably a bit of a drive just for that - though of course I'm still hoping to come and see one day. Should get back on to that chicken tractor I was going to build, then I could come and see you for some chicks in the right season.

    Anyway, glad Son was home to help find them.

  3. Grandaughter does have loombands...Linda they are small coloured elastic things that kids make into bracelets, necklaces, anything really. I will ask her if she has any glow in the dark ones 'cause I'm sure it will happen again, sometime.