Monday, September 3, 2012


Well Roofus is home...I now have to go out in the rain and dig a hole so I can bury him but hey, That's life aye.  Or death.  So I'm having a bit of a cry.

Ron rang this morning to tell me that Roofus was dead, said he was alive last night when he checked and had pee'ed but this morning when he went in...dead cat.  Said the bladder had filled again and Roofus probably had kidney failure.  

I am angry too.  Not at Ron, he was brilliant yesterday but at circumstances.  We try and do what is best for our animals.  If we believe they can be treated we take them to a vet, put them through horrible things,...the animals are in pain, not at home...whatever...and they get to die in a cold cage all alone.  It's not right.  If I had of kept him home he would have died in a warm house with someone who loved him.  If he looked like being in pain the end could have been so quick he wouldn't have even know it was coming.  But no, we think we are doing the right thing by putting them through *stuff*.. And I think we do it more for ourselves than for the animal.   The end result is the same, the lead-up very different. 

Anyway, I am cross that I didn't just get the son to shoot Roofus while he was asleep.   I would have felt guilty for not giving him a chance but he would have been at peace a lot sooner and not even known how horrible I was.  I think that would have been better for us both.  As it is...well who knows what he went through and if cats think...he wouldn't have been thinking anything nice. 

And it's raining more, I'm home alone, feeling cross and sad.
Husband will be home this afternoon, I could wait and ask him to dig the hole for me but Roofus is my cat so I think I should.    Might wait until he gets home before I bury him, not sure yet.  I am going to plant a plum tree with him.

 BigBoyBeautiful, You didn't like me much but I loved you, sorry I wsn't there.
Roofus .


  1. Of course, I am in the US, but some people in England were so mean to me when I did not take Fancy, my hen, to the vet when she was so ill. They said it was like not taking an ill child to the doctor. Cruel, they said. I did not have the $195 or something ungodly to get her help. What it sounded like she had was probably uncurable. But, she did die in a cage in the house with me near. She had been bathed, held, medicated, and petted. Exbf had held her all wrapped in a towel and sang to her.

    I was totally devasted by the violence of her thrashing in death throes, but she was loved to the end and and at home.

    However,you did the best in the moment. Maybe you can make a decision that doesn't hurt you so the next time, god forbid, that you have to make a decision like this. I could not bury my own animal, but I could put it out of its misery. I think.

    We do the best we can at the time.

    1. "We do the best we can at the time." We do and I don't care what people say animals are not our kids and it is mean to say we are wrong when we don't treat them the same.
      I can dig the holes and bury them but couldn't put one out of it's misery. Would ask someone else too though if it was that fair? Money does come into it, it has to. Food and living for people has to come first.
      If husband was home the desision might have been different. Next time? Who knows...


    2. I was devastated and still in shock when the woman labeled me a horrid person on a chicken forum. Then, the owner returned, fussed at me horribly for causing trouble when I was trying to defend myself. He took of all her nasty posts and left mine which read oddly without the context of her mean posts. Then, I just looked fractious for no reason.

      It appears the British are much more sentimental about pets, insisting dogs should live indoors instead of in a dog house placed in a garage. They think my attitude is cruel. They report people who leave dogs outdoors even with shelter. That seems weird to me.

  2. RIP Roofus. My cat China died of kidney failure as well despite being at the vet.

    1. My daughters cat has been to the vets a few times for the same thing and is now on special food hoping it doesn't happen again.

      The vets' must feel awful when they do all they can but still lose animals. We think our pets should be OK being there but as we know, that's not always the case. Sad.


  3. A giant hug for you Barb, I'm sorry that Roofus was not able to come home and be with you.
    As much as it is bewildering for our different-bodied boys and girls, I believe they know that we do what we can, with best intentions and with love.
    It is not easy whether they are with us or away from us, but you did what you could to help him and in the hope that he would recover and return home.
    I'm sure he loved you back in his own way, regardless.

    Another big hug.

  4. Felt real sorry for you when reading this Barb.