Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Organic Chocolates.

I sometimes buy a block of dark cooking chocolate, keep it in the freezer and have a square or two when I feel like chocolate.  I started to melt a little bit and mix it with coconut, nuts, oats, something, to make it *healthier* and so I felt better about having a chocolate fix when I think I need one.  I like that I can only make a tiny amount and I can feel that it is healthy because I have added bran and oats to it.  Healthy chocolate. Cool idea right.  

The last few times that L has come here she has brought some homemade organic chocolates.  They are not sweet like the stuff we buy from the shops but nice.  The last lot has a filling of banana and avocado.  Nice!

On her visit last weekend she brought me a kilo tub of "good for so many things" organic coconut oil. 

This morning I made some chocolates from scratch.  Because we all need to know how to do this so we can have an unending supply right.  Just waiting for us to have whenever we want to right? 

Maybe it wasn't the best idea because, to be honest, nobody  needs an unending supply of chocolate even if it is homemade with organic products.  

I only had a vague idea on what to do but the way she said they did it, it didn't sound beyond my limited cooking skills.  But this time out I didn't use all organic.  Because she hasn't brought me the raw cocoa yet.  I have been told that I will get some soon though.

Anyway, this morning I melted a tiny bit of coconut oil, only a dessertspoon, added a bit less cocoa powder, homebrand from Woolies and stirred in some organic honey, maybe a tsp.  Stirred it all together and put some small blobs onto some baking paper.  To the rest of the mix I stirred through some organic oats.

 These were too easy, too nice and now too convenient.   
They are sweeter than the ones L brought me and I'm thinking that is because I used processed cocoa not the raw stuff.  Or maybe they didn't add honey or other sweetener like I did.  I will ask her when next I see her.

I liked the ones with the oats but husband wasn't too fussed in those.  Said too much oats and maybe use sultanas sometime.  I think they will be nice with just about anything and one day will try and get some Cherry Ripe and Bounty tasty ones but for now, oats and bran is fine.

Below are some that L.brought.  Much cleaner looking so maybe I need to work on my presentation skills but as long as they taste good I'm not too worried about what they look like.


  1. I am drooling!

    Looks like chocolate=looks good to me.

  2. I have been experimenting with chocolate making using coconut oil and not had a huge amount of success in the tasting yummy department. Will keep on trying.

  3. I make a chocolate dipping sauce with is lovely I use extra virgin coconut oil, honey or agave syrup and cocoa powder I have used both raw and the Woolies home brand on different occasions ...I also use the same mixture for my chocolate coated bananas.. I made this sauce at Jack's birthday party last week with a platter of strawberries and marshmallows which was a real hit with the kids...I used the agave syrup.
    Just bought 20 kilos of macadamia nuts and I'm going to cover them in some of the chocolate mixture for a special treat...