Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We went away over the weekend...left Saturday morning, back Sun afternoon...I had planned to clean out the dead eggs from the chook...Remember, her eggs were due to hatch last weekend but her nest was flooded a couple of weeks ago.    Because we went away I didn't get around to doing it but it was smelly and did need doing.  Poor chooky, sitting on dead babies.

I had some more fertile eggs so I thought I'd put a few under her after I removed the old ones, so I collected fresh hay, the eggs, a clean water and food container.  Imagine my surprise when I go to get her off and find a tiny chicken outside her nest area.  It was small so I knew it wasn't the other chicken.  I put it back with the mother and go and get something for a ramp so it can get back into the nest easier...and there is another chicken popping it's head out.  I go out later and see 4.    Hubby reckons I had the dates wrong but I wrote them down so *know* I didn't.

I will put a photo up later but it's too early to go get one now and then I am out all day...


  1. I am amazed at the tenacity of life after reading of your flooded eggs. Surely, they were cold. Maybe the gestation period for these eggs was longer or delayed by the conditions. It is baffling. But, it makes me happy all the babies were not lost. I will be watching for a picture. Thankfully, you did not dispose of the eggs.

  2. That's amazing! I can't wait for the picture, how lucky that it transpired the way it did. Very lucky chicks indeed.

  3. Aww how cute, sometimes life is full of pleasant surprises ...