Sunday, September 18, 2011

I made Pasta. And Pickled Beetroot.

Yep...I made pasta.  With egg and flour on the kitchen know, real pasta.
Hippy/Hippie, as in wild and free not big at the hips, Daughter was here on Friday and she always inspires me to try something new and this week it was pasta making.
Four year old Grandaughter was here so made some too.  First we plonked 3 lots of a cup of flour on the
table, 1 for each of us, 

GD broke the egg into a cup then poured that into a well we made in the flour. 
A smidge of salt a bit of oil then squish it all together.
Make it into a ball, ready to roll out. 
Notice one ball is pink?  That is mine.  I added a couple of spoons of liquid that I used for the beetroot.
Roll out, using a small bottle for small person, a bigger bottle for bigger person and  whatever you can find in husbands shed for third person.
Cut into different thickness strips and shapes and call them what you want.
We also made some with tomatoey beetroot mush in them, a bit like ravioli.   
Daughter had this pasta machine that she gave me ages ago that we brought out to try.  It was hard going but they did get some *penne* and some other thing.   It looked like hard work and not something I could use so I will stick to the handmaking stuff.    

We had some for our tea and Hubby says it was very nice but maybe slightly undercooked.
So there you go.  Another thing that I have been wanting to do has been done.
I must say it is a lot more work than going to the shop and buying a packet and as I always buy quite a bit when it is on special so always have some here it wont be an every week thing.  I will do it again as it is much nicer than the bought stuff.

If you have never tried making your own pasta give it a go, it's well worth it even if just for the fun factor.
If you have, how'd it go?

  Blogger is being a pain, again, so Beetrrot writup is coming later.


  1. Yes, Blogger is being a pain tonight. Pictures won't center. Adding a caption erases the picture. Then, next time I try to add a caption, the picture ends up at the head of the post.....grrrr.

    I got a pasta maker from freecycle about 6 years ago and finally gave it to my Italian friend from NY who grew up making pasta and knows how to use the machine. I don't regret the decision to give it away.

    Your pasta looks great. Clever! If my daughter were here, wanting to make pasta and had her daughter, I would probably be making pasta, too. Are you using pvc (plumbing) pipe for a rolling pin?

  2. "Are you using pvc (plumbing) pipe for a rolling pin?" I cannot say, on the grounds that it might make me look like an unsafe pasta maker.

    But yes. Yes I was. Good thing or bad thing. Too late now but maybe i need to get a piece of dowel and keep that handy.


  3. My hubby is the pasta maker in our house though he definately doesnt make it often enough. It tastes so much nicer than bought doesn't it?

  4. What a fun pasta-making time you all had together. You've made it look so simple and easy too :D)