Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Four Minus Two Is Still Four.

OK, You can all stop worrying.  I told you they'd be there!   I don't know why my husband thinks I worry too much for no reason.  There are rats out there though!!  I have been looking at pictures of ratpoo, yes such is my life, and I am sure that is what it is.  Bandicoot is altogether different.

The new mother chook has her 4 babies with her.  They were out and scratching around until I went out there.

Some time today I will need to get in and clean out the 3 unhatched eggs that are still in her nest.  The mother chooks usually gets off the nest after a day or so of the eggs hatching and it gives me a chance to clean out the nestbox and put new hay in there.  This chook has taken her babies back into it for now but hopefully she'll let me near it later on.

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