Friday, September 30, 2011

Night-time Visitor.

I am home alone but expecting husband to show up anytime.   Sitting here when I hear the front door move but then nothing, there should be more sound if it is him.  I turn the light on for him but still no other sound so I go in the bedroom and look out that window, nothing there, no-one anywhere...But a bucket has been moved and is on it's side.  The wind maybe, it is a bit windy...I decide it was the wind and not boogymens so go out and set the bucket up and put it away from the wind.  I happen to see a movement up the other end of the verandah and of course!  I remember we have a bandicoot that likes to get the chookfood from the buckets that I leave out.  So he must have tipped this one over, found it empty so went looking in the other one.  He didn't seem that fussed that I was there so I came in to get the camera and he was still there when I went out again and I managed to get quite close, within 4feet, of it.

Isn't it so cute.  I don't know how many we have here now but I'm thinking this is the one that goes between the chookpens, it digs under the gates and the fences and I am forever filling in the gaps so the chickens can't get out.  These are another reason I don't want to use poisons or snap traps for the rats.


  1. That is a bandicoot? It will kill your hens? I am all for trapping anything that will come in the night and get in to eat my But, I don't poison anything, yet.

    I know that feeling at night when I need to feel brave. But, since I live alone, there is not the luxury of knowing someone will be home soon. You got a good picture.

    I do believe my hens are trying to dig out! I am lining the inside of the pen with bricks so they don't dig such trenches around the inside.

  2. Okay so now I've seen a pic of a can get the catch 'em alive traps if you prefer that....My Dad has had to put wire in the ground quite deep or the foxes will get in and get his chickens