Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chicken Update.

The 4 + 1 chickens are doing fine, eating everything and running around through both the pens and the front area.  We will get around to stopping this one day but at the moment because there are gaps under the tin and the chickens get under and away from their mum I am leaving the gates open so the mothers can get to them.  So five little chickens and their mums...
The older chicken has Plymouth Rock markings and seems to hang around with the 4 younger chickens and their mum more than with it's own mother.   The black mother has started laying again too which is unusual.  There were 2 eggs in her box this morning which just goes to show how much attention I pay when I feed them.

And check this out...
There are at least 3 in there..  She was sitting on 4, maybe 5, eggs so 3 is good but there may be another one there.   I was thinking that I would need to move her in a day or so when they are out and about as she is in the wrong pen for babies but Hubby helped me set up an enclosure for them, safe from the other chooks and crows so they will all be fine where they are for a few weeks.


  1. It sounds like the child without siblings who likes to go play with the family of many children who have a fun mother and lots of things going on at their house.

  2. They're so cute. Good to see that all is well. Black Mum is a good'un... getting back on the egg-laying job so soon :D)