Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Stormy Night.

It's stormy and cold here today which is to be expected seeing as it is Winter but after some of the warm days that we have had it's a bit of a difference.  I was thinking that it could be an indoor all day kind of day.

The fire is going, the woodbox is full, the kettle is on...what else do I need.

Son rang earlier to see if we had had any damage as he'd driven through town and seen trees down, roofs off, SES people out working....
I took the camera with me whan we had to go in and he was right, the southern end of town has been hit quite severely.

Someone's shed.  And trees from the corner of the park are down.

Roofless houses through there.
Insulation shouldn't be here.
A massive tree is down here.  Notice the tin wrapped around the post.
There's a car behind there, under those fallen trees.

Can't go that way...

We live down the other end of the town and we had no damage at all.  We were lucky.  A few years ago our area copped the damage so it all about the luck of the draw and a good reason to keep up the insurance.

It is still quite blowey here but no longer raining and the sun is trying to shine through. 
Storms are forcast for the weekend so maybe a tidy-up outside wouldn't go astray.


  1. Linda, we do get mini tornadoes here and some think that this is what this was.
    We get Cyclones up North.
    More storms coming tonight.


  2. Your cyclones are our hurricanes...what we call them here. The trouble is the cyclones go over us dumping water, blowing hard, and spawning tornadoes.