Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Raining So What To Do?

It's Friday, I'm home alone, it's raining, it is already half past 10 and I have done nothing. 

Because it's raining there will be snails out and about.  Because it is raining I don't want to go outside and hunt them down.
It is raining so I can't mow the grass but because it is raining the grass will grow more.

It's raining so I *should* be doing inside stuff.  And there is plenty that needs doing but...I dont want to! 
I could be reading, I have a book due back real soon, but it's raining so it's kinda dark inside and I *don't do* lights.

The fire is going so I could bake.  But then I would eat what I baked.
I could make a big pot of vegie soup.  But the vegies are still out in the garden waiting to be picked and it's raining...

Am I a whinger or what?

OK, I've talked myself into it.  I will don a raincoat and go get some stuff to put in a pot.  While out there I will pick up any snails and slugs that I see.   I will try not to trip over the long grass as I plod through it while wearing Hubby's workboots.  Like I did a couple of days ago.   I will use the chicken stock from the fridge, before it gets too old and manky, as the base. 

Sounds like I have a plan.  Best be off and adoing.

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  1. Sounds like a plan! When I wear my too-big rubber boots, I trip, too! It's raining here in Alabama. I have someone coming 50 miles to help me tomorrow in anticipation of my son's visit. It is half past 10 pm. Maybe the rain will not be present tomorrow, so he can do yard work. If not, he can help lift and move heavy things in the house. That probably is a priority, anyway. I would 'do lights' to read! Good luck with your rainy day. Maybe my rain will end soon.

    This friend trades his manual labor in my yard for my writing for him...want a resume or cover letter in a snap? Oh, I would do this for nothing. But, he won't do yardwork as a works for me.