Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Been Away.

I've been away on a bit of a roadtrip, with Hubby, in a truck.
Home yesterday but apart from a quick walk around the yard to make sure it was still there I haven't done anything.

Today I need to help clean out the truck, do all the washing, get the house back to looking lovely like it was when we walked in the door...I tell ya, it doesn't take me long to give the place that ol' *lived in* look.

And I need to blog about my ADVENTURE!!!

But another coffee before I go out in the cold and dark to let the chooks out.

And thankyou L. for being here to lock them up each night and set them free again in the mornings.  I would have worried all the time we were away if they were out and possibly fox food.


  1. I am glad your chickens were all safe. I would worry about mine if I were away.

  2. Yes, it's good having people that will help me. I really am lucky that I have them here.