Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Green Is Good.

My gardens are green, the grass is green.  The hills are green.  The paddocks all around us are green
The little house we live in is an icky pale green that has to go and one day it will....

But me?  I don't think I'm as green as I want to be.  I am having trouble reconciling my saving the world ideals with wanting to drive the van and go off exploring...for no good reason 'cept I want to see a bit of the country side before I leave this mortal world...Not that I have any plans to leave this mortal world but sometimes it's not up to us is it.  And maybe I'll get to leave this mortal world sooner if I am out on the roads more....But the main issue is with the petrol usage.  In the vans case it is diesel but it's all the same thing really.

And I have been baking but then throwing the food to the chooks because hubby goes away and if it is left here I know I will eat it.  Most of the pastry from a rustic apple pie last week.  Wasting food isn't green.  I make it because sometimes he feels like something sweetish but then he goes off to work or he doesn't want it again.  And No! it's not that I am a lousy cook.  It's that he doesn't eat much and not just for the sake of it or because something is there like I do.

I am using more plastic because I am getting mighty peeved with cleaning up the glass things that I drop.  Plastic is not green.  It is recycled so that's a point in my favour...but  I think glass is better.

I am keeping the fire burning all day because it is easier for me than chopping chips and relighting it after a day outside.  If I would get more organised I could work this one out.  What I need to do is spend some time getting a weeks worth of small wood and chips/kindling chopped.  It's not like it is hard to light the fire more that I can't do the chopping thing sometimes so getting a supply when I can...that's what needs to be done. Daughter L offered to chop some for me the other day but I was feeling pretty good then so said no.  This morning...not so good.  It's going to be another nice day here though so I will spend some time wandering around out the back and pick up all the sticks that have fallen from the trees.  That will save chopping smaller stuff.  Hubby would do it if I asked but I'd rather not.  It makes me feel more useless when I need to rely on others for stuff that I can do if I time it right.

Some chooks are cackling...I am starting to get eggs again but we are still eating more meat.  Is that ungreen too?  We didn't buy the meat...but when he is home I think we do eat too much. 

I think, to make me feel all good and greeny-like that I will make a vegie filled quiche and have it with freshly picked greens for lunch and tea.  I'll give him some meat as well if he gets home.  Gotta keep 'em happy somehow, right?

Now I'll go and put a load of washing in the twin tub machine then hang it out in the sun to dry...Sit out there in the sun with a coffee and watch the chooks for a bit....That will make me feel better about using the petrol mower later on...


  1. this post made me smile. I dunno, I guess because I like that I'm not the only one struggling with going greener. But I was SO SORRY to learn that I'm not the only one dropping and breaking some of these durned glass containers!

  2. Yep, breaking glass makes me remember why I loved the switch to plastic containers way back when. One place I will never use glass is the bathroom. I do use recycled plastic in there. I have had too many ordinary slips and staggers in there and dropping of plastic to want glass being dropped.

    And, I, too, eat because it is there or because I like it. Can you freeze it, or will you do as I do and just eat it frozen or thaw it the next day? If he won't eat it later, unfrozen, maybe you can save it in the freezer to give away.

    The other day I had to climb on a stool to get some half gallon and quart Ball jars down. I waited until exbf came and had him put hi hand at my waist to give me the illusion of security as I climbed. I reached up to far and to the right. He had to grab my waist with both hands to steady me before I toppled off onto the glass half-gallon jar I was about to drop.

    Good post.

  3. Hi Barb, being green isn't easy, so hard to buy stuff without heaps of plastic and packaging, but I try my best, sometimes good, some times not so good,so I could relate to your post. who ever said being green is easy, not me thats for sure....Glad to hear about the free markets going great again, sometimes don't even want to be tempted to take more stuff home, I have boxes at the front door of Jacks old toys and books, I keep saying we will take them to the markets at the mandurah forum on a sunday, then he can sell them and put the money into his bank account.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  4. Well Kermit the frong agrees that it's not easy being green!
    K xx