Saturday, July 16, 2011

Really Really Free Markets. July.

The Really Really Free Markets today was huge.  So much stuff, so many people.   A brilliant day out.
There was muffins, biscuits, pumpkin soup with bread, curry, tea, coffee, milo, salad rolls...all donated by people for anyone that wanted something to eat.


There were apples, chokos, lemons to take home as well as a huge amount of other stuff. 
Music, reiki, rune readings...There might be someone giving haircuts at the next one.
I scored a jigsaw for Hubby, some books, seatcovers fo the van, a couple of outdoor chairs to put out the front, some huge flyscreen for when we enclose the front verandah...a backpack.  
Most of the stuff I took down went to a new home.  
I will go through my cupboards again and find some stuff to take to the August market.  I know I have plenty in the shed that can go.  
So all in all, it was a great day, people came from all over and these markets keep getting bigger.  It's great.  Maybe I'll see some of you at one one day.


  1. That idea would never work in this town. People would come from far and wide, leave broken things or stained clothing in order to be able to carry off anything they could sell at a yard sale or at a booth in the flea market. I am sad that it won't work! If it happened there would have to be such strict rules. Even then, they would find a way to breach the rules to just take anything they could. There is a certain element that runs amok at anything free. No, it is not an ethnicity, just those with a lower station in life. Still, I am not talking poor, just takers, cheaters, and thieves from amongst the rougher folk here.

  2. That's quite sad Linda. We feel that it's about giving freely with no thought to getting anything back. But I must admit, I am not as gungho as some of them and I do like to be able to find things that we need. Some things though I wait with the thought that if I'm suposed to have them then they will still be there later and, like the chairs and the screens...they were.

  3. That is not everyone here, mind you,just some people that have ruined it for others. I know that I had the chance to get some free things. I chose to get a bag of cotton balls. An elderly woman, yeah, older than I, and very poor looking came looking for them. I said I had them. She looked sad, so I gave them to her with a smile and said she could have them. She hesitated and I assured her it was okay. She looked so happy. I had two bags at home, but took them for later. I imagine she had not had any in a long time. LOL...I would be gungho, but not greedy, I hope!