Monday, January 31, 2011

Snake Update.

I haven't seen the snake/s since Thursday but I still have the trap out near the pens.  I will shift it tomorrow and put fresh milk in there.  What I will do if one decides to get in there though I have no idea.  Leave it for someone else to deal with I think. 

The trap that we are using is a square metal box thing with 4 entry points, 2 each side.  The idea is that the snake goes in a cone shaped spiky opening and can't come out again because of the spikes.  The live snake can then be relocated.  It will be good if it works as it was quite expensive and was bought after having 3 snakes here within weeks of each other late last year.

We get quite a few snakes here but I still let the yard get messy and the grass and gardens are, more often than not, overgrown.  We also walk around without shoes and I garden without gloves.  We know the dangers but don't seem to take them seriously.  Which is dumb really. We get Tiger snakes and Dugites, bites from both are deadly if not treated and still we ignore the risks. 
I suppose I trust in their fear of us and luck to not get bitten.

I have spent a few hours out there today though, getting the long grass around a few overgrown areas down.  I mowed and tidied around the house on Friday and will be out there again tomorrow.  Mowing grass here seems to be a never ending job, I cannot seem to keep it under control at all.  By the time I finish one area another needs doing again.  It does make me jump though when I step near a stick and it moves!

We haven't had any in the house yet but mice and skinks can get in here there is no reason why a snake couldn't.  Maybe I should tidy up inside as well...just in case.

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