Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January-February Food Supply.

Well January is already gone and we are into Feb.  That didn't take long!  So far this year there has been no veg bought.  No fruit bought.  No meat bought.  No eggs bought.

We are eating quite well considering that a lot of the gardens are bare and need replanting.  *Chicken* will be on the menu soon as the AussieRock chooks are at *that* age.  One is making attempts to sound like his father and though I tried to tell him, he is being a typical boy and not listening.  Maybe he doesn't understand that he will lose his head if he doesn't shut up but I can only protect him for so long..
His brothers will be in the same boat (frypan!) if they start.

We're eating a lot of salads so I am thankful that I put in extra lettuce but am running low on carrots.  And I have only 1 Cucumber vine producing.  I lost 3 to something and this one came up by itself.  I have 3 others in but they are too small yet to feed us.  I can't see there being enough to make a batch of Bread and Butter Pickles with which is a bugger.  I might have to use the zucchinis for that instead.  I won't tell if you don't.

In the fruit department, the apples from the dam area are finished, strawberries aren't doing anything.  We are getting figs and grapes but it looks like we will lose all the peaches to fruit fly.  We have never had FF so bad as this year.  The traps are getting a lot but they are still ruining the fruit.  I need to get out there and check the ground and pick any fallen up from the chookpen and I think I will remove all the rest from that tree.  I wonder what green peaches taste like when stewed...That might be the only way we get to eat some.

To go with what I grow we are eating meat from the freezer, fish that Hubby has caught or that my lovely sister K. has given us.  Son caught a shark late last year and that is lovely but the pork is getting low.  Might need to get the son to bring another one home one day soon.  He hunts wild pigs and there really is nothing wrong with the taste of them.

All up it doesn't look like we will be going hungry any time soon and I am thankful to live where we do and to be able to feed ourselves from the gardens and surrounds. 
It is sometimes hard work but well worth all the pain and discomfort that it brings with it.

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  1. I have a recipe for my garden that we could all eat/drink, that I mix in my kitchen blender. I wonder if it would kill fruit flies. Are you fruit flies the same ones I call fruit flies--the ones that plague bananas and tomatoes in the kitchen? I will post my recipe on the day after tomorrow, if not sooner. Check if you will.It kills any pest in my garden. I was going to post it in a week anyway, just so people could plan their pest prevention if they want to use my recipe.