Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out With The Old, In with The New...Computer That Is.

My computer leaves here this morning and when I get it back it will be bigger, faster, get the drift.
I will be able to be on here for more than a few minutes before it freezes or shuts down, I will be able to upload photos again, I will be able to go back to reading ALL the blogs I like and not just a few, I will be able to *reseach* more stuff...I will probably be back to wasting more time on the thing but as my book is nearly finished I can use that time.  Can't ride the ex bike while on here though like I sometimes do when I am reading but not all things happen the way we want. lol.

I have been told that it may be gone for 3 days!!!  Just imagine all that I will be able to get done in that time.  If I don't start another book that is.  I have a list so we'll see.


  1. My computer rejected the Adobe Flash Drive, so I cannot watch anything unless it is a dvd that I put in. Bummer! Three day? Wow! How would I exist without going mad? I may just drive 50 miles to my friend who will fix it for free. Well, I did fix it last night and it managed to reject the program again today.

    Book? What is this about a book? Have I just forgotten? So, tell me where you have explained all this, and I will go read it. Or, you can tell me in comments. Congratulations for almost being through.

  2. Hi Barb what book are you reading ? what type of books do you like to read? I got out from the lirary the other day "The moneyless man " DP is reading it I will read it next, never know what tips you may pick up or looking at things differently is always good. I think I would have withdrawals if my computer wasn't here for 3 days now I'm blogging !DP went to library may need to check and see what he picked up for us. I do love reading a good book. Been thinking the ;last few years about writing my own book on recycling,reducing &recycling or bag making or wheat free recipes . You just never know you need to dream first!

  3. Oh, I thought you were writing a