Thursday, January 6, 2011


We are picking lots of tomatoes, too many to eat fresh so I have been freezing a few bags to use over winter but thinking that I should save some to make chutney or sauce with.

Son brought a crate of food for the pig out yesterday so I shoved him out of the way had a peek to see if there was anything good for us.  There usually is and we're not too proud to eat pig-food.
The crate looked like it was full of bags of tomatoes.  A closer look showed that they were in pretty good condition, not sure what was wrong with them really.  So I told him to leave the crate and I would *feed the pig* later.  Yeah right.  But I now have over 20 kilo of tomatoes to cook up and do something with.
Under the bags of tomatoes was a pile of carrots, still firm and clean so I baggsed them as well.   Tried out my *new* juicer and made some juice with some of them and some other stuff.  'Twas nice.

I'll have to light the woodstove tomorrow, we don't have a gas stove, so I hope it's not going to be too hot.  I'll have to find a recipe to use so might do that tonight.
Last year Daughter L. made tomato chips, dried them in a car, and they were so nice. I could try that.

What would you do with 20kilo of tomatoes?


  1. Some of them would become salsa - so much nicer when it is home-made. Plus if you are not keen on dipping corn-chips in it, you could use it on toasted bread as bruscetta (sp?), and it's nice with pasta.

    I don't have a recipe as such, just use my thermomix. Usually add garlic, chilli, onion, tomatoes, capsicums, maybe some sundried tomato, a little tomato paste and/or sauce, sweet chilli sauce. Nice with zucchini in too as a variation.

  2. Hi Barb I would make a big batch of dried tomatoes in the dehydrator. make a big batch of my famous tomato relish. freeze some. make lots of tomato purees in blender to drink just like tomatoe juice but with all the fibre. tomato salsa. what about tomato jam never made it but I think it would be nice. for lunch I would cut tomatoes in half and put a dollop of my avocado dip on top delicious . roasted tomatoes with onion and garlic have on either toast or serve with pasta .thats about all I can think of for now . cheers :)

  3. I saw your thread the other day on SS about 12 months of fruit tomatoes,capsicums,zucchini,cucumber,egg plant are all fruit you know.Any thing with seeds are technically fruit.

  4. I would be canning tomatoes for use later. You can still open the jars and make other variations later.That way, the canning/cooking would go faster. Dried tomatoes sounds more effortless and useful later.I got an onion and celery from my chicken food. Exbf got an apple and pear, oranges, and a pound of carrots. We are not too proud to eat chicken food.

  5. Thanks for commenting, it has given me something to think about.

    I will try drying some again, relish and sauce will be attempted. I have a couple of relish recipes to try.

    Sherrie, yeah I know about them being fruit but as I don't eat them as fruit I don't think of them as such.

    I don't actually like raw tomato either so it has to be made into something else for me to eat them.