Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trotting The Day Away.

For the last few months I have been noticing a sign on my way to and from Pinjarra, A sign saying when the next meeting is and that entry is free.  I must admit it was the big *FREE* that first made me interested but the fact that I hadn't been to the Trots for near on 30 years also got me wanting to go again.
They are no longer called Trots though, it is now Pacing but the horses still pull the little cart behind them.  I presume that is still called a spider but things change and they may have changed the name of that as well.

So yesterday we went.  I suggested a budget of $20 each to cover food, drinks and bets.  Hubby said it couldn't be done but accepted the challenge.  I enjoyed it and Hubby says he'll go again too.  The fact that he had a few wins helped there but I would have gone again regardless.

I am a very conservative better and 50cents each way is my kind of betting but I did go all out a few times and bet $1 each way.  Hubby was putting $4 on some races but I wasn't game enough.  Mind you he always got more back than me, except when he picked the wrong horse and I collected my 60cents winnings.

These meetings are less than 20 minutes away from here and start around lunch time so next time we go we will take an esky and a rug and have a picnic there.  Hubby spent a third of his budget on drinks and he is right when he says that taking his own next time will allow him to bet bigger.  Hmmm.  Still it's all fun, it's not like we're risking sheep stations or our last million.

Some people study the form guides, take notice of trainers and drivers and compare past results.  I looked at the names of the horses and picked funky sounding ones.  Sometimes I was lucky, sometimes I lost a dollar.

Hubby came home with more than he went with but I was down half my money so it looks like he had the better system but I think I'll stick to my way.  It was fun.

What new, fun thing have you done lately?

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