Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am still worried about the fox from last night and the chooks have been noisier than usual so I have been going in and out to them all morning.  It's just happened again but more so.  So I hear the cjhooks going nutso in their house open the door and see the last 2foot of a Dugite going out into the food forest part.  Bugger.  I know it was a Dugite because of the olive green colour.  Anyway the grass is too long everywhere and I lose it.
I go back in to check the house and see a stick along the back wall, what starts to move.  So, OK, not a stick.  The snake must have come back into the house but looks smaller.

That goes into the pen where I have the chickens.  I'm starting to freak out a little bit.  I remember Hubby bought a snake trap which also is supposed to catch mice and he has it in the shed. I go get that, no mice so I need some snake bait.  Milk!  I go inside to put some shoes on, thought I'd better, get some milk and come back out and a snake, NOT THE SAME COLOUR, is where I want to go!! 

I have put the trap with a tray of milk in where I last saw a snake.  A different colour one to the one in the shed.  This one was a light, milky colour.  Can snakes change colour?  Please tell me that they do otherwise I have more than one snake out there. 

And Hubby is right, If I didn't have so much shit laying around the place they would have nowhere to hide and probably wouldn't stay.

I know I have to go out there and find out where it is and...what?  Chase it away?  Yeah, right.  I can't get to the chicken pen though as the snake was last seen in the area just before it and it is full of bags of mulch, pots, bin of potting mix, chicken cage, crap...

So now I need to mow the grass as well as everything else. 

Might have a little cry first though.


  1. A fox, a snake and mice? I'd be having a little cry, too! I really do not like all of God's creatures.

  2. A good cry will help things. My hens were making me think something was out there today. Finally, only one hen was singing her egg song for no reason. Weird. Now, I have to go find out what a dugite is. Good luck with the snakes. Are they poisonous? Good luck.

  3. Dugites are deadly but the chances of dying before you get help is small. I think!
    I tried mowing but it is too hot, I needed a cup of tea.
    And another whinge...The chooks came out while I was running around wondering what to do and have scratched up a few garden beds. Oh Hum, might have a coffee instead.

    At least it's not boring here. lol.

  4. That's the type of excitement I could do with out Barb :):):):)Where are men when you need them ....

  5. Have you been snakebit? Are the chickens okay? I keep checking to see how you all are making out!

  6. Can you get some snake and mouse mesh to put around the pen to keep the snakes out?