Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bum! I can't write post due to "error on page"


  1. Oh bugga! I had no problems doing a post this morning Barb. Hope you figure it out soon :)


  2. OK, Can I comment...

    Yeah, it's been like it since Thursday night, cam do title but not write in post box...It will sort itself soon enough I hope.
    You're Blogger aren't you so it's not that, maybe I pushed the wrong button somewhere...I had no sound for ages then husband pressed the mute button on the keyboard and what do you know...sound!


  3. I was on the phone with three different Asians trying to figure out why my computer did not work. They ran diagnostics by the score. After about four hours on the phone, I quit listening to the guy and looked at the keyboard. Thinking--if I cannot get internet, what is logical?

    I pressed the F2 key, the one that has a little tower with waves going out. By doing so, I reconnected to the WIFI! I had put the mail on the keyboard earlier. I remember one of the envelopes going askew and it obvious hit the F2 button.

    You would think the Asians would have thought of that.