Monday, August 26, 2013

Get It Tidy Then Get It Clean.

I have been trying to declutter a bit over the past few months, really trying, not just moving stuff from the bed to the table, back to the bed then into a bag that gets put on the floor then into another bag in the bathroom. Though that is still happening. A lot of stuff has gone down to the Really Really Free Markets and I already have another bag on the go for them. This week though I am going to get serious. I have soooo much stuff, stuff that I don't need, stuff that I don't love. Stuff, books, that I do want and love that is out in the shed because there is no room for it inside...Now that is stupid!! What is stopping me is my Save The World mindset where nothing should go to the tip and add to the killing of the world. But some stuff is rubbish and needs to be binned. Why is it so hard for me? My mother did not bring me up to be a messy, unclean slob. My sisters are not messy unclean slobs. I will no longer be a messy unclean slob. My bed is made, the sink is clear and clean. I will now tidy the benches then work on the table...that was clear last week but now has a few dozen Oranges, a bag of books, a camera, a tin of coffee, some clean washing...other stuff...I am out from lunchtime and before I leave I am hoping to have the living area finished. Finished properly not just relocated to the bed. What do you want to get done this morning? Lets do it together. I'm going to put on some boppy music, lets bop to it.


  1. I was doing so much right--taking canvas bags to shop, composting, recycling. It was all taking so much walking, time. Then, my friend pointed out I should save me before I save the world. Now, if I don't do the right thing so often, I quit kicking myself for it.

    Some days, I just have to look at something usable and let it fly out of my head and into the trash. I understand what you are saying.

    It's midnight here.

  2. BARB feel free to come around and motivate me one day ...My excuse is I'm not well and I can so relate to what you are saying ...I keep this and that to find a use for it re-purpose it etc much bloody stuff and so much bloody dust...If I felt well I'd get so much more done...You'll have to come around one day soon barb and we can do something together clean my house just kidding lol...well if you really want to clean you can of course...lets make more mess and craft some stuff together ....would be lovely to catch up with you again ...good luck with your decluttering table sounds like ours ..its always my mission to keep it clutter free....what's wrong with me ..Lyme I guess...haven't got the energy ...

  3. Hi Barb, I am loving your enthusiasm! I have been a bit under the weather for two days, and in that time my lovely children have covered every surface of the house in everything they own! The Man has shopped and cooked and took the children out for me. He is an angel, but he doesn't see mess! So tomorrow morning, back into the fray..