Monday, August 26, 2013

Thanks For Mowing Our Grass.

Husband and I went down to daughter L's place on Saturday, we get home here around lunchtime yesterday and Daughter T and her fella were out here mowing our grass. How nice was that. Much appreciated. It was sooo long and we hadn't gotten around to it because of all the rain we have been having but after a couple of sunny days it really needed doing. There is more to do and maybe I will get the ride-on out or maybe they will come out and do some more for me. Whoever gets in first, it will be great when it is a safe height again. I already came a cropper one day last week when I tripped over a hose. Bit sad really as I was on the phone with husbands boss and he thought it was quite funny. Hmmm.

1 comment:

  1. I was walking around the house as I came home, and walked through foot deep pine straw. A wisteria vine was on the ground underneath. I caught my foot on the wisteria and fell headlong. A jar of pickle relish rolled out of the grocery bag as I fell and rolled right along in front of me until I whacked my head on it. I had a bruised and lump on my forehead for a week. It hurt and made me mad, but falling on relish was funny.

    Nothing should be so deep that we trip on a vine or hose!