Saturday, August 3, 2013

Three Days Out The Beach.

Daughter has been out here and while here she pushed some buttons, a lot of different buttons. She doesn't know which ones though but has made it so that I can type here again. Lets see if it works long enough for me to get this finished and posted. Last Monday afternoon I packed a bag, put the sewing machine and some soup in the car and went out to stay in our caravan at the Myalup Beach Caravan Park for a few days. Husband has been home for the last 3 months and we always eat too much crap food when he was home but the last seemed to be all day every day. I felt awful, needed some real food. I knew I wouldn't get it at home as there was too much rubbish stuff there and I knew if I went out and stayed in the caravan then the only food would be what I took. With this is mind I made up a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup. Mondays is my afternoon at Vinnies and as I wanted to be out there early enough to get at least one walk down to the beach in before it got too cold and dark as soon as I was home I had to quickly put the stuff in the car and leave. Another reason for my wanting to spend some time out there was to get some sewing done. I am not a tidy person, no, really, and I feel bad having stuff all over the place here when husband is home so thought that I could kill 2 birds with one stone. I took some books out though so didn't get as much sewing done as I had planned. Who would have guessed that might happen aye. I did however finish a book I was reading, get the hem put up on some trousers, some buttons sewed onto a couple of husbands workshirts, sewed up a few more T-Shirt bags, made up some better than I had cloth wipes, started another book...and walked more in those 3 days than I have for the last month. I ate only healthy food and feel good for it....I will do this again sometime soon if husband doesn't go back to work. We used to go out here quite often but over the last few years the visits have been few and far between. The old van is now in need of some work and we did plan on making a start this year and you'd think that with 3 months off it could get done but no work means no money coming in so things like this need to be put off. I am used to roughing it though so even if the floor is spongy and has a hole or two that needs repairing and there is no water connected any more it was dry and secure. And warm once I was in bed. The weather over the 3 days was wet and cold so it meant early nights and rugging up for my walks but I enjoyed being out there and really should go out there more often.

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  1. When I don't eat right, I feel all out of sorts. It's good you got your camping done and beach walking.