Monday, December 31, 2012

Sew or Buy?

Husband has been complaining mentioned again that his shorts were too loose and kept slipping down.  I think that would be a great feeling, loose pants but hey, we're all different aye.  Anyway, back to husbands baggy britches.  I could have put elastic in the waist so they fit better but that would mean going to a shop, buying elastic, putting it in...I could get the sewing machine down and take in the sides or back band...OR!  I could go shopping and buy him some new ones. 
What would you do?  
I chose to go shopping and he did get a couple of pairs of new shorts that fit, they still had tags on them.   He also got 8 or 9 pairs that fit but are not new and a couple that are slightly loose.   And 2 shirts.  And I got myself a top as well.  All  for $6.  Yep, $6 and he has enough shorts that fit to last him a couple of years.

How did I manage that?  I went down to one of our local op-shops for a look and came home with a full shopping bag of clothes.   This op-shop sells bags of clothes for $6.   I need to find him some more shirts for work but am sure that I will come across some, somewhere, sometime...Probably next time I look in this shop.

I love op-shops.  We rarely buy new outer clothes from a regular shop, we do buy our undies new but they must be on special.   I know people who wont buy or wear second hand clothing.  They say that you never know where it came from, who wore it before you, it smells...all sorts of reasons.  I reckon the money saved is better off in my money tin and not the till of some big multinational shop.  I like the thought that I am helping out some charities with my buying clothes this way.  And nothing is new after the first wearing and wash anyway so why not.  It isn't just about saving money though,  it is about saving the world, 1 pair of shorts at a time. 

Next year I am going to try to remember to review some of the op-shops and markets that I go to, it might interest some of you, it might not...It might not even happen but I hope it does as op-shopping and finding bargins is something that I like doing.   It is much more fun than buying and putting in elastic!


  1. well done Barb...I used to love op shopping when I was well...Kev just bought himself some new shorts,they were $15 each and he bought 2 pairs and I just put some elastic in an older pair yesterday for him, way to good to through away and I always have plenty of sewing supplies on hand and sewing machine is always set up in my sewing/craft room...wishing you and your family a fabulous 2013 xxxxx

  2. What an excellent buy! I have never cared about wearing op shop stuff in fact have a secondhand pair of pants on at the moment. Sounds like you have a good op shop
    too, some are getting a bit expensive. Happy new year!

  3. Barb, I recently got some great op shop shorts for my DH as well. That look fantastic and in great order as well.

  4. gotta love the op shop! The best ones I've seen were in Scotland, apparently people there don't like to buy second hand, had to pay for all that extra luggage, but got some really nice clothes!

  5. Couldn't agree more Barb..Aimee and I have the best time fossicking around vintage/op shops, there's some really fab bargains to be had.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments, I appreciate you taking the time.
    Free Markets coming up on Saturday and I'll be looking for books and quirky bicky tins.