Friday, January 18, 2013

Garden Update.

Daughter T came out this morning and I offered her a zucchini.  And a cucumber...she said she had some...THAT SHE HAD BOUGHT!!!  When asked why she was buying what I had a fridge full of she said that she didn't know that I had any because it wasn't here on this blog and maybe it was time to do an update. 

So, I am picking zucchini and cucumbers.  Capsicum, assorted lettuce, silverbeet, tomatoes but not many.  Heaps of comphrey that I add to my smoothies, mainly for the iron but also all the other good vitamins and minerals.  There are potatoes and sweet potatoes out there for when I feel like digging a couple up.  Still have onions but not enough.   Picked all the garlic a few weeks ago, it is small and there isn't a lot but enough for us as we don't use it much.
The spinach grew 6inches, went to seed and died so I need to get more in sometime soon but will go with seeds from here from last year and see if they do better. 
There are a few eggplant that I don't eat so need to give them to someone or learn how to use them.  I have added a couple to smoothies but I tend to forget that they are out there.
Strawberries, grapes, passionfruit and apples.

Lunches this week should be green salads with eggs or fish and teas can be assorted veg with fish or rooster meat but in reality they will be whatever I feel like when I get hungry so I need to make a big bowl of salad today that I can dig into over the next week and I will also make a big quiche as that too is an easy thing to have handy in the fridge.

If I could kill chooks then an old Isa would be in the pot for tea as the bleedin' thing is out again.   I don't know how it gets out, it's wing is clipped, there is plenty of food in it's pen...It keeps scratching up the gardens so I need to fix it before it gets our food.  This time I will put it in a different pen and if it gets out of that I will try something else.  My gardens are worth more to me that this old chook.


  1. You could plant a smoothie garden so that gathering it all up would be easy. Or, at least the eggplant could go near the house like an herb garden.

    Keeping hens in is one thing I have down pat in my effort to keep critters out. Is it the actual deed of killing or the whole dressing it--you know, lungs, guts, and such? I could kill but not the rest.

    I will wear some things from thrift stores. Mostly, I find worn out things when I do find something that fits. I buy the bags of panties or socks, so they hardly ever go on sale. I don't wear a bra, so that little cost is gone.

    Sooo...I suppose you will post more regularly so that the daughter will know what you have on hand?

  2. And, I see I commented on the "Sew or Buy" post.

  3. Linda, Hi. It is the killing, I think I should be able to seeing as how I eat meat but I just cannot bring mtself to do it. I have gutted a chook before, didn't like it but I know how to so could if I need to. The killing bit though...those eggplants are looking better with the thought of that.


  4. Will your son, the butcher, help you?

    I never thought I could put a gloved finger up a chicken vent, but it was nothing when I finally set my mind to it, so maybe I could dress a chicken. When I read of people doing that, I just said, "NO Way!" But, I did. Maybe I could dress a chicken. Tell you what- i will kill and you dress.

    1. You're on, your place or mine? haha.
      It might live another day as it hasn't escaped from the other pen yet.