Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh, Pork!

We're having a *no buy food* month with the hope that we can make some room in the freezer for a cow.   I reckon that's going to take longer than a month and now longer again as the son went out bush last night.

He went out yesterday afternoon, told me he'd be back soon, he was going to get a last load of wood.  It gets dark, he's not back I have no idea what direction he has gone, he is out there alone with a chainsaw and no phone coverage.  What mother wouldn't worry.    I get a call about 7ish.  Just a muffled "I have a pig" then nothing.  I try ringing him but no signal from his end.  Half hour later I get a text saying "be back in an hour"  Hour and a half later he is back, comes to the door to show he's OK then back out in the cold and spends a long time gutting and cleaning this pig and I now have a week to find room for 80 kilo of pork! 

I laughed, where the frig is this thing going to fit!  Once cut up there probably wont be 80kilo of meat but there will be a lot.  Divided up between a few houses we may get it all in but so much for doing the cow. 

Husband wants to buy another chest freezer, I want to empty the one we have...The little pack of fish I have taken out for tea tonight hasn't made much of a dent in the inside freezer though...

And yes, I know there are starving people in the world and this is a problem that many would cherish so don't get me wrong.  I think it is wonderful and we are very lucky but I was looking forward to the fat cow being gone, a slab of steak and some nice sausages.  


  1. Use a pressure canner instead of buying a new freezer. Problem If you don't have a pressure canner, it will still be cheaper than a freezer. If the electricity is out for whatever reason, the meat won't spoil. You can then get the cow and freeze all you are able and can the rest. People can hamburger chopped and cooked first, can cuts of meat. It will help to keep the house warm.

    I think it is marvelous your son can hunt and butcher.

    You can do it!

  2. You are so lucky that your son has that capability, it will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life, and keep you in plenty of meat. Canning the meat is a good idea, I have never tried meat this way but will get around to it eventually. I have a large chest freezer and I find it is fabulous, and because it is fairly new it is very efficient on power, and we will be going fully solar when we move to the farm, so won't cost us anything to run at all then. I am hoping my hubby learns to hunt and butcher some of our own meat, fish and chicken once we are on our farm, saves money and we know where the animals have come from then. I'm sure you'll get to your steak soon...well done...

  3. Lucky to have free pork. Fantastic!