Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Morning Musings.

OK, my post page has changed without me wanting it to...I hate that!

Just popping in to report what some will have guessed, my Friday planting plan didn't happen.
Apparently I had arranged to go over to the zoo with daughter and grandaughter...I admit I did arrange this but forgot until she rang to ask about which car we'd take.  Thank goodness she did otherwise I wouldn't have been anywhere near ready to go when she got here.  As it was she was late and I was still putting things in the car.  We had a lovely day out though and will do it again.  I think it will end up being a regular school holiday outing.  The bleedin' penquins were not on display again though, this was the third time that I have been there and not been able to see them and they are one of my favorites.  Maybe next time...

 Another daughter rang this morning saying she was going to be buying seedlings and did I want some so I have asked her to buy me any seedlings she thinks I should plant.  It will be a surprise and will give me good reason to get out and plant something.  As  it was I had forgotten to call in get the Spinache seedlings on Thursday.  So tomorrow will be a planting day.

I have the Really Really Free Markets on this afternoon and have been clearing out some cupboards so have a few bags to take in to them. 

I fixed the fence this morning so the young chooks can no longer get out and go awandering.  I wired some chicken wire to the bottom of the ringlot wire fence so that should keep them in.  It better because if it doesn't I wont be able to let them out in the paddock and they will be cooped up in a small pen.

Best be off, I have to pick some chokos to take to the markets this afternoon.  I have heaps if anyone wants any.

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