Monday, April 30, 2012

April Veg.

Another month has passed and I'm pleased to say that we didn't buy many fruit or vegetables.  We are eating  carrots, onion and potato that I bought ages ago so I do need to get better at growing those things but really I'm not too fussed if I need to buy them again.

We're adding chokos and eggplant to last months list of potato, capsicum, onion, chilli, sweet potato, silverbeet, lettuce, butternut pumpkin.    I have had my first taste of Jerusalem artichokes.  Not bad.  Very knobbly so not sure how you're suposed to peel them so I just washed them and threw them in with all the other veg.  They are something I will need to try different ways to see what we like.

Fruit we ate this month was mainly apples.  We did get a couple of watermelon, not the best but OK.  Too late in the year though, they took forever to grow and get ripe so not sure what we did wrong with them.  We have had 1 bunch of bananas.  They broke off the *tree* so we ripened them in the shed.  They were small but nice.  There are still another half dozen or so out there but not ready to pick yet.  I've had a few Indian guavas, they are OK.  Not something I would ever buy but OK if I am out there and there is one handy.  Strawberries are still growing but not many, maybe a couple of handfuls each week.  A few passionfruit.

Still getting eggs though the chooks aren't laying much.  There are way too many out there and some need to go as they are costing more than they are giving.

I have finally got some new plants and seeds in but we will be eating the same things during May as we ate diring April.  That's Ok, we haven't gone hungry yet and I grow what we like so there shouldn't be too many complaints.


  1. If I had bananas growing in the yard, I would think I had died and gone to heaven. Are they supposed to ripen on the tree?

  2. Looks like you had quite a productive month! Wow bananas! I am jealous!

  3. Had wondered what those knobbly things were in the supermarket (mind you, I could have opened my mouth and asked someone!). Good to know they didn't taste too bad!
    I agree with the other commenters... bananas would be a real bonus to be able to grow.

  4. I love those "knobby" things lol - a friend used to make soup with them and it was delicious...hmm might see if I can find that recipe.....just give them a really good scrub and that will be okay

  5. Barb, you are a woman of my own heart. I have added your blog to my blog list at