Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planting Plans.

I've not done anything that I planned to, not sure why.  I hurt but I always hurt so shouldn't be using that as an excuse and it's really not a good reason.  Afterall, it's not hard to stick a seed into the ground.

I have cleaned up an area where I can put some seedtrays and the chooks can't get to it as long as I keep their gate shut properly.  It's a good area as it is walked through every day.  It has water, shade during summer, a high area for putting the trays on up out of the way of anything.  I used to use it for growing seedlings but stopped as I was letting the chickens into this area but I've decided not to do that again so it will be just right. 

I have more than enough seeds to plant but will call into Mitre 10 tomorrow and see if they have any Spinach seedlings.  That's about all I will need to buy. 

I'm not home tomorrow but Friday will be a nice day to get some things in.  I'm busy with the Really Really Free Markets on Saturday but Sunday might get some more done.

Off to sort some more seeds.

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  1. It's beaut sorting out seeds and sowing and stuff like that isn't it. I've decided to pop in some turnip seeds this year. Love them steamed, baked and in soups but are so expensive to buy, so decided to grow my own.
    Happy gardening!