Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There is one in my wall and it is trying to chew through so it can eat  me. 

Well, there is what we are pretty sure is a rat and we can hear it munching on the wall.  Our internal walls are thin panneling so it wont take long if it keeps going the way it is and then it will be able to get on the bench and from there it is a short jump to the other bench then a shorter one to me.  

Husband has gone to bed and left me to be attacked by the rat.  I'm sure that is what he has done.  He is there in bed and I am here and the rat gnawing is getting louder and more frantic sounding.  I want to go to bed but am worried that if I am not here to keep banging on the wall to stop him for a bit that he will get me too soon.

If it does get through the cat might get it but the cats mouse catching record isn't all that great so I might wake up in the middle of the night with a rat munching on me toes.and seeing as me toe bone is connected to me leg bone and me leg bone is connected...If I'm not here over in the next couple of days then you'll know it got me.


  1. LOL! Yep, I am sure your husband left you to be devoured by the rat. This is sounding a lot like a Poe story. I often would stay up to scream at the ceiling and throw socks to hit the ceiling when I heard a raccoon. And, they would crunch for sure. I was soooo terrified, so I am empathizing with you. We will come check on you. Promise!

  2. Poor Barb - I feel your stress! I once heard similar and my hubby said it was just a tree branch scraping on the wall... turns out it was - but just the same I put in a rotten night, so, yes, I sympathise with you.