Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seeds Are In.

I have some seeds and plants in the ground.  How good am I!!  OK, I know I haven't done anything more than I should be doing every week anyway but I like to make a big deal of the little things I do.

Daughter bought some Broccoli and Cauliflower seedlings for me and some Spinach seeds.  They are all in.  I had seeds for carrots, lettuce, beetroot, snowpeas, celery, so they are in.   I transplanted a pot of Sweet Potato that wasn't doing anything into a big tank, transplanted some Strawberries that were getting too clumpy...what else...Put some Garlic in.  And some, I think garlic chives but am not sure.  I found them in a cup on the table after a daughter left so am thinking she gave them to me but forgot to say.  They are in a pot so I can keep an eye on them and they don't get lost as there is only a few of them.

I didn't put the potatoes in soon enough so half got eaten by the bandicoot.  The rest is now in, some in a fridge garden and some in the ground.

That's about it but at least it is done.  It's not a big job, it's not hard, it's not rocket science so I have no idea why I don't just get out and do more more often. 

I have all the seeds still inside where they don't go so need to put them away.  That will take, oh, 2minutes, maybe.  It should have been done 5 days ago!  Might go do it now 'cause I know I'll swear a bit if the mouses get them.

Good to see others are planting things too.  I've never grown parsnips or swedes or radish...lots of things really, because we don't eat them but I sometimes think I should try different stuff now and then.  I did put in some Jerusalem Artichokes last year, they are a new thing for us.  I'm pretty happy with how they are so should try other stuff as well.  Should probably get everything that we do eat in first, that would be a great start.  Onions come to mind.  Will do those this weekend sometime.  And I have Kale seeds, I might get some of them in too.

Off to do those seeds


  1. It seems you got lots in the ground. The only thing I have in the ground are the potatoes coming up from my raised bed that served as compost bin this last nine months. Potatoes should not have been put there, but they were and they grew. I will probably have to move in 30 days, losing the house, so I have not been motivated much. I do understand taking five days to even start a two-minute job. Were we separated at birth?

  2. Radish are dead easy to grow :) Parsnips take for ages, so should be planted with radish - they way the bed isn't empty for ages.

  3. Oh good! you found the leeks! I have been wracking my brain as to whether I left them there or somewhere else. They *were* for you :D BUT I am glad you have them in a special place because they are VERY special leeks. Here is the deal: I have leeks growing, and so far all that have gone to seed have done a regular seed head thing. On this one particular leek, the seed-stem came up OUT of the ground right next to the leek base, instead of out of the top of the plant. AND, as well as seeds on the seed-ball head, there were actual tiny leeks growing right out of the seedhead, in mid air. I just pulled them off, already rooted, and that's what was in the cup. MAGIC MID-AIR LEEKS. so don't let them die. I kept some myself and gave some to Mark too, because if this is a genetic thing, I want to groew heaps more. We don't have to collect the seeds and sprout them! Just pluck the baby leeks, already rooted, off the top of the plant and put them in the ground. So. That was a longwinded way of saying, Please take good care of them, and tell me how they turn out! Let them go to seed to see if they do that aerial seedling thing.

    Hasd anyone heard of these before? Is it a kind of leek or is it some weird mutation?