Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home Again.

We have been away, went down to Denmark for a few days, home mid afternoon yesterday, fishing last night and today I am home alone catching up on the watering and chook looking aftering.  I don't need to do much there though as the daughter fed the chooks for me and looks like she may have watered in places as well.  Nothing is dead so that's good.

Of course everything needs a good mow but in between doing that I am going to be working on clearing out the big tank garden out the back.  It is dry, full of slaters and not doing at all well.  I am going to wire it off and put a few young chooks out there until it is cleared then top it off with chookshed stuff, let them scratch that in for me and get it ready for winter crops.  Apart from somehow putting a fence around it it should be an easy way of getting some life put back in it.  The fence will be started on tonight and hopefully finished tomorrow.

Some jobs for this week include:
*Whippersnippering the driveway edges.
*Picking up all the fallen fruit and cooking it up for the chooks.  An ongoing job as we have fruitfly infestation.
*Doing something with all the Passionfruit.  Other than more cordial which we don't drink.
*Dig out and remove gravel from the front garden.  Replace with dirt from the chookpens. Mulch on top.
* All the other everyday stuff that I need to do.
*Make more plaster eggs.

Lets see how I go with this lot.


  1. I think I'm going to have a weekend like that!

  2. Linda, I use the eggs to encourage the silly chooks to lay in their nest and not out in the open. To put under cluckies until I have enough fertile eggs, Give them to others who use them for the same reasons...

    Frogdancer, I hope you acheived more with your weekend than I have with my week!