Monday, February 27, 2012

Vision Board. Problem.

Well I thought this would be an easy one...and it should be.  Grab some magazines, cut out some pictures, stick em on a board...How hard is that!

Well I am here to tell you that I have made it harder than it should be.  I have spent the afternoon, on and off,  looking for suitable pictures.  I have found 2.   I have read some gossip about people I have never heard of, I have read about people travelling around the place, I read about some peoples gardens...Looked at pictures of flash caravans and campers that cost more than this place did.  Didn't see much that I wanted to bring into my life.  I must be looking at the wrong sort of mag and will see if I can find some health/fitness types ones tomorrow.  And I need a picture of a van similar to the one I have but newer and slightly bigger in a magazine I don't mind cutting up.

I didn't think finding suitable pictures would be so hard.  I thought I'd see something and it would jump out at me and I'd know that was the one I needed.  Not so.

And as of now, 9.30PM everything is still spread out everywhere and I am no closer than I was 8 hours ago.

I'm out on Wednesday so MUST get it finished tomorrow.  

A good thing though is that I must be pretty content as there isn't much of a material nature that I want.   I might just end up writing some inspirational things over a piece of paper and that will be OK.  I did want pretty pictures though!

I need things from magazines as I don't have a colour printer and wouldn't use the ink if I did.


  1. Or try Googling a pic or two for the colour you want on your board :) And the make your vision board a computer desktop board, as opposed to an actual board. That way you could take a photo of your computer screen, if you wanted to put a pic on your blog.

  2. Like Dani, I would suggest searching the net, but printing what you find (economically, all on 1 or 2 pages of course). Not sure what quality printer you have, but I've got some old photo paper here that I'd be happy to print to for you, if you wanted to email me your pics as a word doc or google doc or something. Probably can't quite justify driving down to drop off some pics, but I coud pop them in the post. :)

  3. How about some line drawings? I know that is low-tech compared with the other suggestions, but you could do that while you get the other pretty stuff lined up.

  4. Wow, thanks guys. Great ideas there. And a very generous offer! thankyou.

    I have given myslf a couple of hours this morning and will see how I go then try some of those if I get stuck again.

    It's 5.30am here. Coffee then start as soon as it is light enough to not need a light on. Thanks again...