Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Done. Kinda. Good enough for now.

I have a few pictures and lots of *good* words stuck on my board.  But there is also some blank bits because I could not find a suitable picture.  Lots of pictures but nothing that called to me.

I will keep looking and when I find the one I want I will stick it on the board.  I would like one of a nice van and I did take a photo of one I really liked so might just get that printed.   I want a picture of someone riding a pushbike and someone walking through the bush.  I know I have seen these here somewhere but couldn't find them today.  I will keep looking and stick 'em on when I find them.

In the meantime I have a board that will remind me that I will be happy, healthy, fit.  It shows me the lovely lush vege filled gardens that will be here.  It shows some places that I will get to explore.  It tells me that I want to keep eating fresh healthy food.  There aren't any photos of *things*  It would have been easier I think to stick stuff that I could buy on but there isn't anything that I want.

It's a long way from being perfect but it is done and I am reasonably happy with it. It is now sitting on top of the microwave so it's easily seen and it gave me a good reason to clear that area of the bench.  I still haven't found the other pictures that I wanted but they will be found sometime soon and if not then I will look elsewhere.   That person in the middle in blue is not me but she looked fit and healthy so I'm pretending!  Will change that one when I find something I like better.  It looks more bare than I thought but with it now being up on display it should motivate me to look, find and stick on other pictures. 

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