Friday, February 24, 2012

Still Nothing Happening.

We've been home a week.  That's all it took for my house to become a tip again.   For the yard to have crap from one point to the next, for me to be stuck on this bleedin' thing too often, for my life to become what I don't want it to. 

It's Friday, I will be out for a bit this morning, have the grandkid this evening/night.  As soon as she has gone tomorrow I am going to get stuck into the house, get that looking reasonable, then the front yard, then work my way around.  Then start the mowing again and work my way around. 

If nothing else though I will make time to get the pig fat rendered this weekend...So much for my monthly challenges.  They have gone to pot and it's only February!

It seems to be taking me forever to do the basics and I am not making time to work on any projects that I wanted to.  And of course this bleedin' thing!! 

Better get back into it, lots more to do before I leave.

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