Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monthly Challenge. February. Vision Board.

OK, I am so far behind in this it's not funny.  'Tis laughable though.

I had set out to make a Vision Board this month, even wrote it down so I would be accountable...Hmmm   That didn't work so well.

I have a few days left and need to get the VB started and finished.  I have the board.  I have a vague idea on what I want on there.  I have a few magazines I can cut up.  No glue but will make some with flour.  If I remember how...

I have hurt my back again so will be inside for longer that usual and will start on it later today.


  1. It is hard to believe two months of twelve are gone! Use the inside of the egg right after you cracked it or soon after, anytime while it is still wet instead of glue. My mother did this when I was a child and stamps did not come sticky. You had to lick them and for whatever reason, sometimes the glue was gone by the time the stamp was being used.

  2. as for the back: OW! as for the vision board, hope you do make one. I think they are such a great idea but have yet to do one myself. maybe if you cross this off your list, I'll be inspired to cross it off mine! ;)