Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm doing more sprouts.  I have done a couple of lots since daughter gave me the lentils but thought I'd tell you all how I do them.  It's not hard, they are good for you and yummy to eat.

You don't need anything special so if you haven't tried it before why not give it a go.

This week I am doing Lentils and Chickpeas.  I haven't sprouted chickpeas before so I'm hopping they'll be nice.

You need a jar.  I'm using a different jar for each seed.  Something to cover the jar, you need to be able to strain the water out so stocking, cheesecloth, muslin...

*I put 2 soupspoons of seed in each jar.  The seeds swell up and take up room as they sprout so the amount you use will depend on the size of your jar.  I like to do smaller amounts more often..
*Cover with water and soak.  I usually soak overnight but this lot is being started in the morning so will be soaked until this evening.  I use a spoon handle to push down on the stocking as I pour the water in.  It lets the water through easier and there is less mess.
*After soaking strain water, into a bowl or jug.   Don't pour it down the sink, use it on the garden or potplants.
*Each morning/evening cover seeds with water again, swoosh around and strain.  I turn the jar upside down and prop it up a bit so all the water drains away.  I also use a spoon handle or something similar to press up on the stocking.  It allows the water to drain better.
* When the sprouts are the size you like, 3-7 days, put them in the fridge to keep them fresh.  I like to use them within a few days but have left them for a week and they were OK.

I have them with salad, in sandwiches, by themselves, add to stirfries...However you want.  Try them with everything or by themselves as a snack.

Day 1.
Day 3
Day 5.
  Ready to eat.

Use clean water for soaking and rinsing.  I use rainwater because that is what we have but would use tap water if we were in town and connected to scheme water.  Our house water is not potable so I wont use that.


  1. One question: What do you do with the beans from which the sprouts came? Eat them" Pull them off? What?

  2. I eat the whole thing. Full of goodness nd yumminess.


  3. oh, I am soo glad to see this post. definitely time to do some sprouts around here. I'd never thought to do chickpea sprouts. thanks, Barb!

  4. Oh that's fantastic and so natural! I love to have sprouts with a dash of lemon and rock salt.Tastes yummy beside being highly nutritious.:)
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  5. Hi Barb - are you still doing this? I'm looking to take a seed sprouter and seeds away on our next trip. Temps will be 40ish though and most of the information I see states 16-25 or 20-28 deg optimum sprouting for many varieties of seeds - so I'm wondering how hot you are, so to speak?!

    1. Hi. I am but not as often as I *should* I do find that when it is hot they don't turn out as good. I need to rinse more often or they dry out and die..But if I rinse them too much they go slimey....Maybe an esky would work, if you could keep them cooler...Look forward to reading how you go with them as it would be an easy way of getting fresh goodness.


    2. Thanks, Barb - good to have a bit more input. I bought some cress and watercress today as well as a pack of microgreens. There was a special microgreen sprouting tray but I decided on something else and will improvise. I'll also get some alfalfa and others online. Will definitely report on my experimentation! Thanks again!