Monday, October 10, 2011

More *Frig* Words.

I went for a walk yesterday and saw a dead snake on the road, my first one for this season and thought that yes, now's the time to have all the grass short and the yard tidied...OK, I know I should have the grass kept short and the yard tidy all the time but this is me talking and as much as that I know I should and I do want to and I do try...This time of the year it really is a must.

I was in having lunch and thinking about what I need to get done this afternoon when I heard the AussieRocks going off their nut and knew right away why but I run out there, run back in and put me boots on and run out again.  It seems that I can run when I need to...And yes, there is a snake in their shed.  Of course with all these chooks having a go at it it slithers into where the Mumma chook and her 3 babies are...and they can't get out.  What to doWhat to do...I run (yes, again!) back in and grab the camera (what was I thinking!) and the phone, put the camera down and grab a shovel instead and phone the son.  The snake is in the chicken area and the mumma chook is going nutso so I keep one eye on the snake while I reach in and move a board so that she and her chicks can get out.  She gets out but 1 little chicken is trapped in with the snake and every time it tries to get out the snake moves around more, whether it's trying to get the chicken or not I don't know..
In the meantime the son leaves work and comes to my rescue. 

Thank goodness for people that can handle these things.  Hubby had left for work an hour earlier and if son wasn't around I would have had to call someone else but would have had to come inside for phone numbers and would have lost sight of the snake.  The 5foot, what looks like, Tiger snake.

All is now safe but there will be a next time so I think the next thing to do is look up numbers of who to call if there is no-one who can come and help.  Off to do that now.

Be careful People, it's snake season again.


  1. Whew! You had me on the edge of my seat!

    I am with you on the snake fear. However, if I had that problem, I would have a long stick (broom or mop stick or something) with a V something attached to the end so I could at least immobilize these snakes while the chicks ran and help came. Can you shove a shovel into it and cut it in half or mortally wound it?

    100% coward is talking, here! LOL I am a scaredy-cat wimp, but I can be vicious if something is after my hens.

    I am so glad nothing was injured. Now, I am confused. I thought all but the one little black chick was killed???

  2. This is a different batch of chickens, hatched a few weeks ago in with the big chooks.


  3. Grab the shovel or something with a sharp blade and off with it's head