Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Day Ahead.

It is a lovely sunny day here so far today and I have so much to do and feel like doing so little...

I had someone coming to get some eggs so thought I should do a quick tidy-up inside and did start but...She has been and gone so the rest will be put off 'til later...Or tomorrow...But only because I have too much to do outside and really would rather be out there even if I didn't have anything to do. 
But the fridge needs cleaning out so I can fit more eggs in there.  Quiche for tea I think.  Again!

I need to get more mowing done and plan on at least a half hour so I can add it to my *get fit* writings.  This means that I need to bag up the old clippings that the chooks have been scratching over for me so I can add this next lot to the GC area.

The chooksheds need cleaning out and fresh hay put in.  I have 2 or 3 possible clucky chooks that I need to sort out and maybe move.  But to move them I need to clean up the feathers and stuff from where the fox attack happened and put more hay in that pen.  I have a dozen fertile eggs so really need to make my mind up there and get things sorted.

More seeds need to be planted and I MUST get some Pepinos shifted to another area and though I now have the area where I will put them dug over and ready it's been a week and I still haven't done them. 

I am awaiting on some seeds from a giant pumpkin so should decide where I am going to plant them and get the area fed and ready.   They didn't come today so I now have the weekend but I'm sure the seeds will be here on Monday and apart from burying a dead chook in one possible spot I haven't done much else.  And it's supposed to be a competition!

I bought some Diatomatious Earth and need to get more sprinkled around the gardens and in the chook sheds when I rake them out.  A couple of days ago I tried a bit on an area covered in slaters  and the slaters aren't there this morning...I'm hoping they are dead and not just shifted places.  I need to go slater hunting.

The worm farm needs fixing, it is wet and near empty so I need to look up what to do about that.  These are Hubby's worms but it doesn't look like he thought to do them yesterday and he isn't here today.

I will have the little chicken with me while I am working around out the front.   I have it in a box in the bathroom at night and out in an under the table enclosure during the day but let it out to scratch around if I am weeding or just sitting out there.  It is becoming quite friendly.

Better finish me coffee and get started.

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  1. I thought all your chickens were killed. That little chick will probably love you more than a cat would, and follow you around the garden. They like company and you are it. Lucky you.