Friday, October 21, 2011

On My Mind... Lots of hard work.

We have just had a load of sand delivered and I need to get it to where I want it out the back and around the yard.  There is a LOT of sand there.
I'm wondering how to handle it...I could leave it until we get the Dingo back and that would be easier but may be a few weeks away or if I wheelbarrow it I could count it as my Get Fitter exercise...But there is a lot of sand there and I'm not very fit or strong, it will be a lot of hard work, more than walking or bikeriding or mowing...

I'm thinking I could do a few barrow loads whenever throughout the next few days and see how I go.  I'm sure that there will still be plenty there when the Dingo gets returned.

This will be a challenge.  See how much I get get shifted by myself but do at least 3 loads a day.

It's too hot now though so it will have to wait until this evening.  But if it is too hard that means I'll have to do all 3 at once and not be able to have long breaks in between...Hmmm...better do one now to see what I am up against. 

Coffee first.  And though it is already 10.30 I haven't had breakfast yet so might do that first too...

On My Mind is something that Rhonda over at Down To Earth puts on each Friday.. 
It's fun. 
What's on your mind today?


  1. Hi Barb, boy that will get you fit and strong.
    How are you, I haven't been blogging that much I hardly ever get on the computer these days, lost a bit of interest, been reading lots, I love reading books.Don't over do it with sand take your time, one barrow at a time have a great day. Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. How did you go, Barb....hope you're taking care of your back?

    Have a great weekend anyway,

  3. Barb, Why not start with small loads the first day through the third, a bit more Day four through six, and rest on the seventh. Your body needs to recover. Your seventh day could be any day, not thinking of Sunday. If you start with full wheelbarrow loads, you might hurt yourself, especially since you say you are not fit.

    You might just do small loads each time and do three loads the first few days and then increase the loads you move, still taking small loads.

    Take care of yourself while you move that mountain of sand.

  4. You are going to be one fit girl

  5. My husband always tells me to look at what you have done not how much more you need to do. It works for me!

  6. We need to do the same here in the Spring to fill in low spots in our yard. I hope you surprise yourself and get more moved than you expected to by next weeks end.

  7. Thankyou all for the comments. I really appreciate it when people take the time to read me and comments are always great to get.

    I was thinking of you being a bit quiet Sherrie. We all need time out sometimes.

    I've posted about the sandmoving. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    Again, thanks for commenting.