Friday, December 11, 2009

Cat Flaps

It's early, too early to get up yet. The clock still has a 4 as the first number, that's how early it is. So I'm lying there (laying there?) whatever, I'm still in bed wanting to sleep when FLAP... FLAP... FLAP... FLAP... FLAP... I think of the noise as a "flap' but it could be more of a 'bang'

I know what it is, it is STUPID Straycat trying to get out of the catflap.
My cat just pushes through it with his head to come and go but this thing. It uses it's paw to push it open so when it takes it's paw away to walk through...FLAP.

This cat has been living here for a couple of years now so you'd think he would have learnt. But it doesn't even know where it's real home is so that says it all, doesn't it.

Anyway I get up, feed the thing, go back to bed. I think I go back to sleep but I roll over and...the sun gets me right in the eye. Something tells me it's time to get up.

At least the time has a 5 as the first number...

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