Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shoot the Buggers!

Tuesday, 1st December.
Half past two in the morning. 2.30am. Three hours before I want to wake up. That's the time the roosters started this morning. Not happy and now very tired.
At last count we have 9, yes that's 9 and possibly 10, roosters fairly close to the house. One starts, they all start.
Four, or 5, of these are only young and will be culled as soon as Hubby gets time. He will make time I think as soon as he is the one woken up by them.
The Aracana can stay, so can one of the Hamboughs. The other Hammy and the Campine can go as can the Silkie and his girls. These ones belong to the daughter and she is on notice to relocate them before the end of the year.
I will keep the mixed breed one, for a while at least and I will have 2 Australorps sometime next year. Five sounds like a good number, aye? Definitely no more than 6!! But they must all live in a soundproof house and be let out only after I wake up. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. More nice wifey acting needed I think.

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