Monday, December 21, 2009

Free Food

Today will be another day of eating what we have produced ourselves.

I will have scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, zucchini added for breakfast.
Lunch will be rooster and salad. I could add cheese to this as it was free from Hubby's work.
Vegetable fritters for tea. I have zucchini that needs to be used and will add anything else that is out there. Will have these with rooster or fish that Hubby caught.
Throughout the day I will munch on strawberries and apricots.

I hate spending money so being able to grow our own food really pleases me. I do still need to get more stuff in and plan on getting seeds into some empty drums this morning.


  1. Hi Barb, thank you - you have inspired me! Mmmmm! Now what to start with??
    Jilly oxo

  2. Great, the more people growing our own food the better. Tomatoes are easy. So is leafy lettuce, I have trouble with the hearting sort.
    Start with something you like and will eat though.

  3. Thank you Barb, for all the encouragement I bought some seeds today lets see............
    OK I have Broccoli, Celery and Cucumber I always have success with celery but not broccoli or cucumber so I thought I would try again. I will also get so tomatoes and lettuces and let you know how I go!
    Do you live in Perth?
    Jilly oxoxo

  4. Great Jilly. We're about an hour and a half south of Perth.