Saturday, December 19, 2009

Killer Chook

Friday 18, 8am.
Well, protective clucky hen. Same thing in my book.
I have had this chook sitting on 8 Hambough eggs for the last 3 weeks. I had noticed another chook getting in with her and laying in the nest and had removed the eggs, (with a stick, 'cause this is a killer chook remember) and put wire around her. Yesterday she was off the nest when I got home around 5.30, 1 egg was half hatched but dead and there were 3 other cold eggs there. Where were the other 4? Dunno but the KC was sitting on another nest with good eggs in it. She "attacked" when I went to shift her, that confirmed that she is a killer chook. And she has just had another go at me now. I need to go out but when I get back I will put her on some Aracauna eggs that I have here and lock her in another pen, by herself. Yes, I will be brave and put myself in danger to move this chook. And I'll use a towel to cover her when I pick her up. That'll learn her.

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