Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Old Grey Mare...

AKA me, sure aint what she used to be.

I am probably the unfittest that I have ever been and I get so out of breath and with chest pains that it sometimes scares me.
So the last week I have started walking again. I can walk, slowly, without huffing and puffing and feeling like I am going to collapse, for 11 minutes. I timed myself this morning. However after that 11 minutes I was still quite a way away from home so that was a bit of a bummer!

I have been to the doctor and had my heart checked and apart from a couple of iregularities been told that it is OK. So knowing that walking shouldn't kill me I have no excuse and will try and keep it up and improve on it each week.

I have also given up the popcorn, for awhile anyway. Will see how I go with that. I honestly think I am addicted to the stuff.


  1. Good on you for getting out there and making an effort to increase your fitness! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Soozy. We can but try. And try, and try... It's the giving up that will do us in.