Sunday, December 20, 2009

There's Something in my shed.

I have a big, open one side, shed just outside the back of the house. It is used for the garden stuff, bins of chook feed, lawnmower, junk...I do tend to use it as a general dumping ground.

Was in there just now getting chookfood and I heard a noise. Coming from an untidy corner. The noise stops, I move toward it and it starts again. I back away.

Now as we still have an unaccounted for BIG snake I am a little worried. Do I presume it is the snake and go look for it to get it out of the shed and out into the back paddock? Do I leave whatever it is alone and hope it goes away itself? Do I presume it is a rat or loud mouse and stop worrying?

What would you do? I usually have shoes on when in the area but not always. Not this morning.

If it is the snake then I want it gone. Pronto. We have dogs running around the place and grandkids to worry about as well.

There is no-one else here to help me today or tomorrow. But I NEED TO KNOW! So will put shoes on and go and quietly pull some stuff out. Using a long stick, not bare hands as I usually do.

Wish me luck, I'm hoping for a mouse.

I really gotta get this shed organised.

Update. I pulled a few things out but nothing happened. I heard the noise a few time throughout the day when walking outside. It's like something running away so I'm thinking more rat than mouse. A snake would slither away quietly. We have benches and a couple of crates on the floor in this area. I'm not going to pull them out, just in case. Straycat slept in there most of the day and even when the noise was happening he didn't seem too concerned. We used to have a Bandicoot over near the other shed...maybe he's moved.


  1. Oh! Barb, I hope it's only a mouse please let us know! I am praying for your safety be careful OK!
    Jilly oxoxo

  2. Thankyou for your concern Jilly. It's nice to think that somebody cares. The *thing* is still there, I'm thinking more rat now than mouse. Not a snake. (I think)

  3. Barb, I was thinking of you yesterday hopping all was OK! So needless to say I am grateful you are fine. Still be careful won't you?
    Thanks for letting me know.
    Blessings Jilly